Wet Cat Food

Wet cat food and canned cat food are often purchased in the common 3 ounce cans but also come in 5.5 ounce and 13 ounce and are found at most pet and grocery stores. They also come in the form of a foil pouch by some wet cat food makers.

Veterinarians and owners that give the advice to feed your cats a diet high in canned food, often refer to canned food as wet food too. Wet cat food is high in water and it forces the cat to increase their water consumption by eating cat food of this form. It also contains less carbohydrates such as grain and other materials that are found in dry cat food, although most cat food is made up from fish and the ingredients that are derived from fish.

The development of hyperthyroidism in cats has been said to be caused by pop-top containers that wet cat food comes manufactured in. It is believed this because bisphenol A is used in the coating of pop-top cans and it may rub off or leach into the food that is in the can. Wet cat food tens to be of a jelly substance and has a strong odor, but most cats and kittens tend to enjoy it.