Vegetarian and Vegan Cat Food

Vegetarian and Vegan cat food has been around for many years and is marketed towards the cat owners who live a vegetarian and/or vegan lifestyle. It can be quite controversial when debating whether vegetarian and vegan cat food is healthy, but the debate has been fought over the years and it is up to the pet owner to decide what is best for their cat or kittens.

Veterinarians tend to be against vegetarian and vegan cat food and the diet of it for cats and kittens, because cats are obviously carnivores and require the nutrients that are found in meat in order to live a healthy life. These required nutrients that are found in meat are sometimes also found in plants, but plants do not contain the high amounts of the nutrients like meat does. These nutrients are taurine, arachidonic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin A, as well as niacin.

Some people claim that a vegetarian and/or vegan diet for cats is unhealthy because it can cause acidity problems in their urine. There are a few vegetarian and vegan cat food manufacturer's, and they must meet AAFCO's Cat Food Nutrient Profile in order to sell them to the consumers.

It is advised that you use caution and do a lot of research regarding a vegetarian and/or vegan diet of cats before switching their diet over. Some pet owners have caused harmful malnourishment to their cats because they make foolish judgments or mistake foods for being completely nutritious when they aren't.