Kittens are fun and very entertaining to watch and raise. From birth, you should watch your cats natural instincts because their

natural instincts will give you an idea of how your kitten will grow up and behave in it's later years.

At birth, most kittens weigh between two and four ounces and are very small and fragile. From the day that they are born, they will grow quickly; as much as half an ounce per day. Kittens are deaf and blind when they are born and can hardly move around; not more than just a few inches. They are pretty much helpless at birth and require a lot of care and attention.

In five to ten days after they are born, their eyes will begin to open up and it will take close to two or three days for the kittens to open their eyes fully, where you will notice their blue eyes. Kittens always appear to have blue eyes.

Two to three weeks after the kitten is born, they begin to have the ability to hear and smell, and their teeth grow through. Before this time, the kittens ears were folded back/down and against their head, but two to three weeks after their birth, the ears stand straight. At this point in development, the kittens eye's change color from their natural kitten blue color to their permanent color. However the change of color in their eyes may happen around the
12 week time in some other cat breeds. Some cats may even take an entire year to develop eye color.

Four to five weeks from the birth of the kitten, they will begin to clean and groom themselves and will learn how to care for others by grooming and cleaning other kittens. Five weeks after the birth of the kitten, kittens should be trained to use their litter box.

After the five week period, kittens will become very playful and full of fun and adventure, and when eight weeks comes around, kittens can eat normally and are able to leave their mother and be adopted to new homes.

Having kittens can be a fun yet challenging task, and it is said to raise kittens with special and certain awareness and always try to keep an eye on them.