Homemade Cat Food

Some pet owners enjoy making homemade cat food for their cats. The food that owner's make consist mainly of a form of cooked or raw meat, vegetables that are blended into a puree, an essential taurine supplement, and/or other vitamins and minerals that are important for the proper health of a cat.

The raw meat that is used in the production of homemade cat food may contain bacteria and parasites or dangerous and harmful organisms, however cats are naturally resistant to most. But caution should be taken when using raw meat in any food.

Pet owners who formulate their own foods often use vitamin supplements that are meant for humans, and others tend to use supplements that are meant for cats and veterinarians may sometimes recommend including digestive enzymes and other supplements in homemade cat foods.

Before making and/or feeding your cat homemade food, it is very important to understand the diet and necessities of your cat. Cat's are just like humans and require certain supplements, vitamins,
minerals, and nutrients like us all. Without these, your cat's health may be at risk. It is recommended that you speak to your veterinarian before changing your cats diet to a homemade supplement.