Dry Cat Food

The most popular form of cat food is dry cat food. Dry cat food is usually made under high pressure and high heat, then sprayed and coated with fat for palatability and other ingredients are added to the dry cat food to complete its consistency and composition.

Most pet owners prefer dry cat food over any other form of cat food because of it's price, convenience, and it is often easier to serve to your cats and/or kittens. Dry cat food also tends to stay fresh for a longer amount of time rather than wet or raw cat food that can spoil and become unappetizing to the cat after only just a few hours.

Based up upon the idea that cats chew and break apart food with their teeth, thus causing the cat food to scrape off dental calculus, it is recommended by the majority of vets and pet experts. It is excellent for the dental health of cats, although the benefit of dry cat food over other types of cat food has been disputed over the years.

Dry cat food uses meal as a protein source. For example; chicken meal, fish meal, pork meal, beef meal, as well as corn and gluten meal, etc. The cost of meal is cheap and gives manufacturers the benefit of lower production costs, thus making dry cat food cheaper for pet owners.