Cat Furniture

Many pet owners buy their pet cats furniture for them to lounge around in, sleep in, or just relax in. Cat furniture tends to make the cat feel more at home and enjoy the environment where they live.

Cat furniture is not essential for the cat's well-being but some cat furniture can be a good idea to accquire for your pet. Your cat's desire and needs with it's furniture can easily be made and met inexpensively. If you have a creative mind and talent, you may find that with a little thought you can create something that your cat will really enjoy.

Some of the cat furniture that is out there includes a scratching post, a cat bed, cat perch, a kitty condo, or sometimes called a cat tree. Out of all of the cat furniture, the cat scratching post is the most essential for the well-being of your cat. Cat scratching posts keep the cats nails healthy and it promotes great exercise. Cats need to scratch their nails to keep in optimum and ideal health.


Cat beds are also a good idea but not necessary. Cat's usually lounge around and sleep anywhere they find comfortable, and they find just about any place comfortable, whether this be a table, couch, or chair. If you do have a cat bed, you need to keep it clean and free of bugs and mites including fleas and ticks.

Cats love to climb up in the highest spots that are available to them. This is why sometimes it may be a good idea to make or purchase a cat perch that allows your cat to climb to the tallest part in the room. They enjoy perching above their surroundings, as this gives them security and a sense of mind about what is around them.


Take some time and analyze your cat. Understand where they sleep, play, and lounge around and you may realize how they can benefit from cat furniture whether it be home made or purchased from the store.