Cat Food

Cat food is specially formulated and made to be consumed by cats for optimum health. Most all cat foods contain both plant materials as well as animal materials and vitamins and minerals are added to supplement the cat food so it is more healthy and nourtoring for the cat or kitten that is consuming it.


Commercial Cat Food

Information regarding commercial cat food. Is commercial cat food good for your cat and/or kittens?


Dry Cat Food

Dry cat food is most common. But is it healthy? What is dry cat food made of? Read more about dry cat food in this article.

Wet Cat Food

Some cats enjoy wet cat food. It is popular but not always a healthy alternative to dry cat food. Learn more about wet cat food and what it is made up of.


Homemade Cat Food

Some people decide to make homemade cat food for their cats and/or kittens but how do they make it and is homemade cat food healthy for your cat? Should you just stick to commercial cat food?


Vegetarian and Vegan Cat Food

Vegetarians and Vegans with cats have been known to "veganize" their cats diet. Is this healthy, and why do people do it?


Cat food is specially formulated to meet the demands of cats. One of the most important nutritional nescessities for cats is taurine. Taurine is an amino acid that is essential for a cat's well-being. Cats are not able to thrive on foods that are taurine-deficient such as dog food.